Where we apply static modifier ?

Static modifier can be applied to variables,methods, and even a code that is not part of a method.
We can think of static features as belonging to a class, rather than being associated with an individual instance of the class.

Tell me about native modifier.

The native modifier can refer only to methods. native modifier indicates that the body of a method is to be found like the abstract modifier. Native code is written in a non java language typically C or C++ and compiled for a single target machine type.
In the case of abstract methods, the body is in a subclass; with native methods, the body lies entirely outside the JVM in a library.

Tell me about transient modifier ?

The transient modifier applies only to variables. A transient variable is not stored as part of its object's persistent state.

What is Overriding ?

When a class defines a method in its superclass using the same name, return type, and arguments as a method, that method in the class overrides the method in the super class.

Tell me the different types of inner classes ?

Nested top-level classes, Member classes, Local classes, Anonymous classes.