How many OSPF databases are on an OSPF router?
The number of OSPF databases on a router is equal to the number of OSPF areas configured on the router.
What is the administrative distance of OSPF routes?
If a router learns about the same network prefix through RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, and OSPF, which route will be preferred?
  1. EIGRP has an administrative distance of 90
  2. IGRP has an administrative distance of 100.
  3. OSPF has an administrative distance of 110.
  4. RIP has an administrative distance of 120.
Therefore, the EIGRP route is preferred.
Describe the structure and format of an NSAP address.
An NSAP address has a length of8 to 20 bytes and consists of three components:
  1. One to 13 byte area id
  2. Six byte system id
  3. One byte NSAP selector that is always equal to zero for a router
Assume a router has a loopback address of Convert the loopback address to an IS-IS system ID.
The loopback address written in dotted decimal and using three digits for each byte has a value of The system id is